#Defeating the Purpose: #Nanny Cams

Something to Think About Sunday:

If I had a ‪#‎nanny‬, I’d tell her in advance of her employment that, Yes I do, have a ‪#‎nannycam‬.

I don’t understand the mentality of secretly videotaping the nanny. Wouldn’t it make more sense to let the nanny know that he/she’s being #videotaped? I’d rather see nothing because my childcare provider has been warned, instead of the alternative. To sit down at the end of the day like I’m watching cable tv and seeing horrible images of my child being abused is not the way to end a long workday. How can you risk the well-being of your child for the chance to say “Gotcha!” Worse yet, perhaps the video will make great evidence at the trial for the nanny who murdered your child! With that visual, wouldn’t prevention be a better solution?

In this case, secrecy is a very bad policy. It’s time to switch the ‪#‎voyeuristic‬ practice that most people “enjoy” today, and stop watching your employees without their knowledge. It really should be against the law. Instead of creating a “gotcha” moment, I’d rather prevent the ‪#‎childabuse‬ in the first place. I’d even have signs posted in my home as a reminder that “Mama is watching.” I can’t think of a better deterrent than that!

An Old Mind and A Dirty Mind Don’t Mix!


I just realized that there are times when a dirty mind, and old age, just don’t mix! Unfortunately, it was me who taught myself that lesson.

On January 20, 2014, I will hit the BIG 5-0!!!! Now, I fully intended to keep the actual number of years private, but then I realized that some might actually consider me to be a MILF, which at 50, being told that is like a badge of honor. To be honest, MILF/GILF is the 21st century’s way of calling someone a Queen! Hey when you put it like that, saying that you hit the half century mark doesn’t sound so bad, but I digress. I was trying to explain how I discovered that being old with a dirty mind don’t mix! So here goes:

To commemorate being on earth for 50 years, I wanted (and still want) to have a party that you usually hold when someone is about to head on down the hill – I was trying to come up with a clever title to give to such a momentous event. So I say to myself: “Hey, I know!! Instead of a “Down Hill Party,” I want to change the name to a “Downtown Party,” because ain’t nothing wrong with going downtown!!! (Buahaahaaa – I hope people understand what I’m really trying to say – add lecherous smile, please!)

After I thought up that slogan, I was so proud of myself, I actually said “Damn Flea, you are so clever!” Creative Artistry ain’t got nuthin’ on me!!!! And just at that moment, as I was in mid-gloat, it dawned on me that the actual term is “Over the Hill,” Not “Downhill!” Next thought: Dayum, Dayum, Dayum!!!

Almost immediately, I realized that my “masterpiece” would go to waste – that no one would see my artistic and creative genius – it was a really sad thought. Then I realized that in order for something to have life, you have to tell the story, and with the perpetuity of cyberspace, if you post it, your works, thoughts, and brilliant ideas can live on for eternity! So it is with that frame of mind that I tell you the story of “Down Hill versus Downtown!”

Perhaps the problem is that my mind is going downhill, but my thoughts are always focused downtown…. I’m still wondering and trying to figure out if that’s a good combination.

Positivity, Angel Cards, and Me! 2014 – The Year of the Flea :)!


You know – I ain’t gonna lie to y’all: These past few months have been really hard.

Honestly, that’s hard to admit, because behind and despite my 100 watt smile, there’s a very scared woman. Every day I struggle to navigate the waters of a life that has made an 180 degree turn in the past 2 years (more on that in another post, of course).

I’ve gone from being gainfully employed since the age of 16 to retiring from a job I held for the last 18 years. I’ve relocated from Santa Barbara County to Los Angeles County, and I became a single parent after my 7 year marriage fell apart and ended in divorce. Unfortunately, the trauma of that experience triggered anxiety and depression, which I still struggle and fight against every day.

In October of this past year, I felt that life had settled down enough for me to try to pursue the world of self-employment; as a result, I decided to become a Consultant for Passion Parties and start my own business. I was gung ho and ready to achieve success – happy to spread the message of sexual empowerment. However, in early November on my way to host a Passion Party, I was involved in a major car accident. Thank God the injuries were minor, but my car was totaled and the concussion that I sustained caused me to go into a major funk. In an instant, the peace that I had managed to create in my life after such a rough patch, basically disappeared upon impact. The rest of 2013 is but a painful blur.

However, despite these setbacks, I have vowed that this year is going to be different. As a matter of fact, I’ve dubbed 2014 as “The Year of the Flea!” This new attitude has created a euphoria of awareness that something wonderful is about to happen to me. I’ve felt such peace and love from the Universe in this past week and it feels so good to feel so much better after such a long time. I know that something good is coming my way, and Lord knows that I’m ready to receive it!

With that spirit and faith in mind, I consulted my Angel Cards for Inspiration and Guidance and following are the messages that I received. I hope they speak a message of love to you as they did for me. Enjoy!

Past – Angel of Love
Decide to open your heart. I will help you do it. I will help you forgive yourself and others. I will help you forgive the past. I will help you to regain feeling love for yourself and for others. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love others. With my help you will feel unconditional love. Reach out to me each day and witness miracles happening in your life.

Affirmation: I am Love!

Present – Angel of Choice
Do you have difficulty choosing? Are you afraid that you might make a wrong decision? When was the first time you made a wrong decision on your own? Think about it! From the Divine point of view, every decision is right. You can always choose your reactions. Ultimately, the way to emotionally react to a situation you find yourself in is up to you.

Affirmation: In each moment, my choices are in accordance with Divine will. I decide consciously and with responsibility.

Future – Angel of Friendship
You are in the position where you need to re-evaluate your life and move away from those friends that do not support you. Our friends are also our reflection, so think about your motives and begin to change yourself. Contemplate whether you love and support your friends unconditionally. Begin to choose your friends with careful consideration. I am here to help you choose the right friends. Know this: What you give you also receive in return.

Affirmation: I am a good friend to myself and to others. I have great friends! Thank you for being a friend!

2014 – The Year of the Flea :)!



Big changes for me in 2014, it’s going to be “The Year of the Flea!” I’m going to push myself to be bigger, stronger, faster, and conquer all of my fears (except for my fear of fish! I’m too scared to tackle that one – excuse the pun !)

I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions, because I feel like any day is a good day to make a positive change. However, since we are at the beginning of the year, why not? So listed below are a few of the goals I’m going to set and achieve this year. I feel that if I let the Universe know what you want to do, then the Universe is going to send the things that I need in order to be successful!

Therefore: I send the following goals and promises to myself out to the Universe. In all sincerity, I ask for your positivity, prayers, and well wishes:

1. I will reach out more and not let my social anxiety continue to hold me back. I will be creative without fear of rejection and I will go forth boldly and do my best every to “Carpe’ Diem!”
2. I will publish an e-book for sale on Amazon before the end of the year.
3. I will take the time to dance at least 20 minutes every single day (and yes, some of those videos will be posted :)!)
4. I’m going to concentrate on making my Passion Parties business hugely successful through parties, but eventually with online sales. My site is http://www.TheBlackGeisha.YourPassionConsultant.com and I’d love for you to visit! From mild to wild, from games and chains: There’s something special for everyone :)!!!
5. I’m going to reclaim my life and independence and set out to identify and achieve all of my dreams.
6. I’m going to stay the course and successfully complete all of these goals.

Okay World, Here Goes and Here I Come!!! I hope you’re ready for me, because I’m definitely ready for you!!!

Judge Judy – Comedy From The Bench

judge Judy

Judge Judy had me cracking up when I watched the episode that included this screenshot (1/5/14). Actually, Judge Judy makes me laugh quite often, but sometimes she’s in rare form – as she was on the day this was taped.

Her “almost exact” comment as recited to this litigant, is as follows:
“If I were to describe what you look like in this picture, I wouldn’t know how to describe this thing in here except in an unflattering way. (And as Judge Judy is saying this, she’s pointing to that strange, but oh so familiar looking, patch of hair in the middle of his head). She continues: “I mean, why a man would want to put this on his head, I have no idea! I mean, you must be trying to make a statement!!!” It was so funny when I saw it, I had to hit “back” on the DVR button!

Of course, hearing Judge Judy say it on television was way more hilarious than I could ever write it, but still, the image and her comments were just too good not to share :)!

My Brief Christmas Encounter with Billie Dee Williams


Back in 1986 (I think), I went to see the Hollywood Christmas Parade with my siblings and cousins and after the parade we decided to stand where the celebrities were leaving in their limousines in hopes of catching a glimpse of someone famous.

After about 20 minutes or so, with no sightings, the natives got restless and wanted to leave. So we’re standing there on the sidewalk and a blue limousine pulls up and is sitting there idling, waiting to pull out into traffic. Everyone is begging me to leave (because I’m driving) and I say in a loud exasperated tone: “I’m not leaving until I see Billie Dee!” Well, the window of that blue limo comes down, then the door opens and guess who gets out? YES Y’ALL, it’s HIM BILLIE DEE IN THE FLESH!!!

Hunty, I nearly fainted, and I did this crazy squeal and said “IT’S BILLIE DEE” (but not too loud because I wanted him all to myself :!) However, at that moment we all froze and just stood there staring at him!!!! There he was standing 5 feet away and I couldn’t say a word – I literally was so excited that I couldn’t move!!! So, he waits for about 30 seconds – just standing there, then he kind of laughs, gets back into that limo and it drove away into the night!!!

Recalling that night all of these years later still gives me chills, and I’m still kicking myself in the ass for freezing like that and not being able to say a damn thing!!! I’ll always love Billie Dee for doing that, because Lord knows he didn’t have to!

That was my greatest celebrity encounter ever and one that I’m sure will be hard to top!!!

The Dennis Rodman and Chris Cuomo CNN Interview – Observations From A Flea


I know that many Americans are angry at Dennis Rodman, but let’s take a moment to consider the source:

First of all, every adult should be able to pick whomever they want to for friendship, even if that friend is considered by some to be a crazy tyrant. In addition, every adult should be able to travel anywhere they want to in the world, even if that place is extremely dangerous. However, the caveat is that if you get to where you’re going and you get yourself in trouble, that’s on you – you’re totally on your own! With the internet and vast access to media, there’s plenty of ways to research the location where you plan to travel. You alone should be responsible for knowing the laws, rules, and the culture of the place that you’re planning to visit. If after that knowledge you decide to travel anyway, you’re on your own!

Now regarding good ol’ Dennis and this North Korea trip fiasco. Dennis is NOT, I repeat, NOT a diplomat, nor was the purpose of his trip diplomatic – it was a basketball exhibition. Let’s think about it: If you were trapped in a foreign country with a maniacal ruler, would you really want Dennis to speak on your behalf? I don’t think so, that sounds pretty dangerous. That’s a job that should definitely be left up to the experts, and that certainly wouldn’t describe Dennis under these circumstances!

Furthermore, as I looked at the footage of Dennis’ disastrous interview with Chris Cuomo, did you see the look of terror on the faces of some of the NBA players? There is no telling what horrors and fearful moments these folks have experienced while in North Korea. Let’s face it, they probably went there on Dennis’ word that it would be a safe and fun environment. However, what may be “safe and fun” to Rodman is probably “Clockwork Orange” to most anyone else! Did you happen to see Dennis on Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Rehab? The only way to describe his behavior and antics are sad and pathetic. You know that Dennis is partying it up like crazy over there – he certainly sounded drunk to me!

Looking at the stricken expressions of those players, you have to wonder if there were some heavily-armed men standing off-camera to make sure that nothing bad was said against the North Korean regime. This group of men probably traveled there because of a desperate need for money; Now, they’re basically trapped in a strange and dangerous country, with a ruler who is rumored to have fed his own uncle to the dogs. And of course, the list of atrocities doesn’t end there. Come on now – this is NOT someone you’d want to piss off!!! They probably went there thinking that this would be an easy payday, but they probably didn’t factor that their departure would basically be in the hands of someone who many believe to be a lunatic!!! Under those circumstances, I’d have a stricken look on my face, too!

Hey, did anyone ever consider that instead of Dennis being just plain crazy, that perhaps in this situation, he’s really being crazy like a fox? Think about it: His freedom also depends on the favor of this dictator so I can understand why he’d go off on a reporter who is safely located in the United States, but is asking questions that could get him and the rest of the group jailed or killed! It seems to me that Chris Cuomo was more interested in ratings than in the safety of fellow American citizens who are in this precarious situation. Yes, it’s a situation that they willingly got themselves into, but those questions could’ve waited until they were safely home. Dennis and the rest of the NBA players are just that: Basketball Players! It’s unfair to expect them to negotiate the release of a person jailed in a foreign country, being held by a tyrant. Perhaps Dennis’ outburst was his attempt to show support to Kim Jong Un so that they themselves wouldn’t get fed to the dogs!

I kind of think that it’s a good thing for the North Korean people to see Americans in a different capacity than the propaganda they’re usually fed. Even if some Americans consider Dennis to be a buffoon (and that’s being polite), in the eyes of the North Koreans, his jovial personality might be making a good impression on an oppressed people. I’m sure they’re smart enough to see that this is entertainment – I mean the Harlem Globetrotters also visited there. So, if Dennis is making an oppressed people laugh and smile, he’s probably also softening their hearts and minds, and that has to be a good thing.

Yeah, I know, I’m probably giving the people involved in this saga way too much credit, but you have to admit: It is a possibility….

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